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I managed to convince work to lend me one of their unused tape libraries, and I am now the proud borrower of a Digital TZ875 5 DLT library and DLT2k drive. I grabbed a SCSI-2 cable (HD50) for it, but now I’m wondering what to plug the other end into. On one hand, I’ve got […]

hi fish!

I have fish! Candice brought her 10-gallon aquarium over from her old place yesterday. It’s the perfect size for the kitchen counter, although I imagine we’ll move it out into the living room once it gets a bit better furnished. (Augh, furniture. Still no progress, sigh. Bedroom might come first anyhow.) We need more fish, […]

Is there a square for “self-depreciation”?

Via Q_skud_: Hipster Bingo. I was pleased to discover that I did not complete a row myself.

See the world with IP!

The Mitel firewall and are a ten-minute drive from each other along a single road, but my route there seems to be taking a bit of a… vacation. traceroute to (, 40 hops max, 38 byte packets 1 ( 55.130 ms 0.859 ms 1.852 ms 2 ( 0.408 ms 0.393 ms […]


Best. Blond. Joke. Evar.

More istop fun

I’ve complained here in the past about my ISP, IStop, and how well they tend to live up to their name. Lately, though, they’ve been improving in reliability quite a bit. I’m still not sure if I’d recommend them for everybody, but I think I’m going to stick around for a while. Today, all IStop […]

Um um um um um but.

Showed up in root’s inbox today, sent by another admin: > allspice : Jul 4 15:33:10 : root : user NOT in sudoers [...] Was me. Who’d have thought one litre of beer could affec,mb bnjeat Maybe I’ll take the rest of the afternoon off.


Why I want to move to Vancouver, reason #314: Vij’s.