Monthly Archives May 2003

Etiquette question

So I was adding some entries to my sigquotes file at work, and I noticed that I have a couple of entries in there that refer to people that were laid off. Most of them are funny quotes from people that were laid off. Some are funny quotes about people that were laid off. Is […]

Last week’s layoffs

Enough has been finalized or at least near-finalized at work that I’m comfortable telling the story now. I’m not sure how much detail you all care about, so I’ll apologize in advance for going into too much or too little, because I’m not sure exactly what to write here. I arrived at work a week […]


Streamripper is a handy little program that connects to a Shoutcast server, and writes the mp3s it receives to disk for you to listen to later. And names them correctly, and sets their id3 tags. And rebroadcasts the stream locally so you can listen to it while you record. Did I mention it runs in […]

ottawa indie vibe

I was down at the to pick up the special edition of Sahara Hotnights’ Jenny Bomb (on Zebulon_y‘s well-considered recommendation), and at the counter picked up “Ottawa.Indie.Vibe”, a free CD put together by the Rideau business district association. I had picked up a couple more CDs, so the free one sat around unwrapped for a […]

Worse than rice

While I’m no big fan of souped-up and tricked-out Japanese cars, I do appreciate that the fans of that style of car put a lot of effort and money into their rides to try to conform to a consistent standard. With that in mind, a word to the wise: No matter how much a fan […]

Ohhh… they got me! They got me!

For those who heard about the layoffs and are wondering: I wasn’t laid off. This weekend has been a chance to not think about it for a couple days, though, so I’ll save the details for next week sometime.


Elvis Costello is playing the Bluesfest! Elvis Costello is playing the Bluesfest! Elvis Costello is playing the Bluesfest! July 5. Who’s going with me? :-)