Monthly Archives May 2003


First the important bit: This is post #100 for me. Whee!   Today was a good shopping day. I am currently full of the pork buns I bought for dinner. I’ve also got some ham-and-egg buns for breakfast next week. Also from Kowloon Market came taro and black rice mochi, a couple containers of the […]


I own far too many hair products.


What do you get when you fasten a wireless camera to a cat? Kittybrain. In other news, Electric Version, the latest album from Vancouver’s New Pornographers — Neko Case’s regular gig — is some fine indie powerpop. Big Star meets New Wave meets Wilco somewhere north of 49. You want this album. (Shouldn’t be too […]

New toy!

I managed to procure a Cobalt Qube 2 today. It’s been a while since I’ve geeked on hardware, so I’m sort of looking forward to playing with it. It’s a neat little box — we had it lying around at work because they’re technically a competitor to one of our products, and a long, long […]

What should I do with my username?

Back when I created my LJ, I chose Wlonkly as a username because Rich was deleted-and-purged. I didn’t realize at the time that I could rename to a deleted-and-purged username, and now it’s sitting there tempting me to do so now. Background: I’ve used “mendel” on IRC for about eight years now. I started using […]

Why is this hard?

So a while ago I asked people to tell me what the last version of sendmail was that required unique forward files for all users to avoid having mail seem to disappear for some of them. Richard Soderberg sent me the winning entry: Sendmail 8.11.6, which is to say the behavior is still present. I […]

The newest version of the Phoenix browser has been released: Firebird 0.6. (Note name change.) The UI widgets are incredibly fast compared to 0.5, and there is a lot of refinement and new features kicking around. If you’re using an older Phoenix, upgrade. Still works with ns-cli, too. Yay!

technical difficulties

Blargh, I have teh FLU. So this in retrospect amuses me: I host a Web forum for Irish flute and tinwhistle players. The machine on which it runs lost a disk to heat, so we shut the machine down to prevent losing any more disks until we can get a new case. In the meantime, […]