Monthly Archives April 2003

The world needs more anthromorphic cats.

Now, maybe back in the early 90s you were aware of Paula Abdul — or even, god forbid, LISTENED to her. And maybe you remember her video for “Opposites Attract”, which featured a cartoon cat that did a little rap break in the middle of the tune. TWO WHOLE YEARS after that one tune, the […]

Backhoes parading across the prairies, etc

From an explanation of a connectivity problem at one of our colo centres: Cable intrusion maintenance by a third party telco vendor caused outages on all backbone circuits [...] “Cable intrusion maintenance” hereby supplants “overenthusiastic deinstallation” as best NOC euphemism.


So having recently “met” the lovely and intriguing Ardently after seeing her posts to Found_objects, I decided to browse through the list of LJ users in Ottawa to see what other interest people might be lurking about. While doing so, I found the community (which is not to be confused with the Recordrunner user!), which […]

Checking the weather forecast: Saturday Snow heavy at times becoming mixed with ice pellets near noon. Accumulation 20 to 30 cm. Wind east 40 gusting to 60 km/h becoming north 30 km/h late in the day. Reduced visibility in blowing snow. High minus 2. HI I HAVE A COMPLAINT THX!!1! What the hell? It’s April, […]

WME News!

I picked up the White Stripes’ Elephant tonight, and am listening to it for the first time as I write this. Now, White Blood Cells is one of my favorite albums, and the one that got me listening to, well, whatever genre that is, and then got me rediscovering punk. So I’m pretty fond of […]