Monthly Archives March 2003

Casting off baggage

So I’ve started playing the bass again. This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s been four or five years since I put it down for a bit, and I’m pretty happy to have finally gotten past whatever was in my way. What happened? The jazz performance program at McGill does not adapt […]

The marketing of compact discs

I purchased two CDs today, and both have left me scratching my head. The first is Daft Punk’s Discovery. I opened it up to find a hinged middle bit as if it held two CDs, but it only contained one. I didn’t expect it to be a two-CD set, but if they were going to […]

Beautiful bodypainting

The following links contain artistic nudity. Rudi Everts is a bodypainter and photographer in Australia who has done an absolutely stunning series of photographs of bodies painted with the signs of the Zodiac. These twenty-four photos — twelve signs on men and twelve on women – is easily the best bodypainting I have ever seen, […]


There were three things that I was puzzling over the other day. I have forgotten two, but if I think of them, I’ll post them here too. But I remember the third, and I’m hoping someone can explain. It’s my understanding that Judaism has some strict requirement on how long can pass between death and […]

Genres suck.

Having obtained a suitably large hard drive, I am currently in the process of ripping MP3s from all of my CDs. One part of this exercise is tagging them with id3 tags, and in the back of my mind I know that I have to have everything tagged just right if I am to be […]


According to CompuServe, we’re right on schedule.