Monthly Archives February 2003

time travel

Despite a long day at work, I managed to get through the door at HMV in order to pick up the new Erasure cd Other People’s Songs (released a week or two ago), and the new Massive Attack cd 100th Window (released today — I H4V3 0-D4Y TR4CKZ!!1!oneone). I’m getting this feeling.. I think this […]


A little while ago, I posted about Moleskine notebooks, and noted in the comments section that what I really needed was a Moleskine that wasn’t a Moleskine — I didn’t care about using the same notebook as Hemingway, but I did want something with a lay-flat sewn binding, little elastic strap, pocket in the back, […]

Cats (and tangentially Girls)

[reading|Jack Kerouac - Big Sur] So now that I have room, I’ve gone and put together some new icons featuring Cat of Cat and Girl. Around the same time, I noticed that one can search the directory by interest, and get back a list of users with their default pictures. I am subtly pleased that […]

Too hip!

So lately I’ve been rekindling an old interest in muscle cars. But while surfing the web the other day, I got distracted by an article on the AMC Hornet (don’t ask), and started digging around for more Hornet stuff. And then I found this ad: They just don’t make cars that hip anymore.

So watching all the froofroo in the posting-limits news thread finally convinced me to pay for my LJ account. To those of you wavering on this, I tell you: It is worth the money just to get access to the fast servers. (Also, Stimps points out that that post-limiting thread is a great way to […]