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Authentication is overrated anyhow.

I recently realized that I am paying more for phone service in Ottawa than I was in Montreal, despite making hardly any long-distance calls here at all. A close inspection of my phone bill reminded me that I signed up for a voicemail/caller-id/dozen-other-services bundle that I thought would be Real Handy, but that I never […]


Tragic news, comic footnote: It seems the Duke University Medical Center has inadvertently (!) performed a transplant which gave the recipient a heart and lung which don’t match her blood type. This is, of course, a Bad Thing, but plenty of people report bad. I report surreal! This article in the Raleigh News and Observer […]

Big surprise.

How Republican Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Crime novel update

I meant to mention in my previous post: Thanks, all, for your comments in my post about crime writing. My to-read shelf is filling up fast! I found a neat local bookstore, Prime Crime, which happened to be a whole block away from the Bridgehead I tend to show up in after work to read […]

Notebook conclusions

Now reading: Tourist Season, Carl Hiassen I promise this will be my last post about notebooks. So I bought a Moleskine address book, because I wanted to have an address book that will last me decades, and because I wanted to compare the Moleskine construction to the Cavallini that I recommended earlier. There’s definitely a […]


If my friends jumped off a bridge, I’d be flying through midair by now.

Classic crime authors

Discussing The Grifters on #perl: <mendel> What other authors would one want to check out if one were becoming a fan of, say, Jim Thompson and Raymond Chandler? <Fletch> go to amazon and see what they reccomend. Why ask people about books when you can ask a machine? Argh. So, anyhow, I’ll try with a […]

Internet radio revisited

Metafilter catalogs the current state of online radio, with a handy list of the stations that have survived the CARP ruling. If you’re like me, you stopped listening to a lot of your favorite net radio stations when they all disappeared a few months ago. A lot of mine have come back, and I’m slowly […]