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Adolescent girls; beef.

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Which OS are You? Yay. :-) The first time I did it, I’d accidentally skipped a question, and it told me I was GNU/HURD. Cute.

Organization, bag detritus

So the fine folks at MeFi have awoken me to the existence of Moleskine notebooks. I’m the sort of person that likes to be able to just jot things down randomly, so I figure I’ll give these a try. But I’m also going to get one of their weekly planners. I’ve essentially stopped using my […]


I was sitting in the Second Cup in the Glebe today, and a guy came in who had a Hitler mustache. Nothing else remarkable about him, looked like a typical thirtysomething Ottawa tech worker, except for a Hitler mustache. WTF? I was sort of thinking that he was trying to be ironic, but I don’t […]

$10 OED

Eat More Words is a non-profit consortium whose goal is “to provide resources that enrich the experience of reading and writing to logophiles, writers, independent scholars and students of language and literature.” A pre-launch membership is $10/year, and it includes online OED access. (Once they launch it’s $12.) There’s a bunch of other cool stuff […]


Oy, what a night. But given the level of potential suckage, I came out of this pretty good. I get home after work, and realize that I’ve left my house keys (which are also my desk keys, but not my car keys) at the office. I don’t want to drive back to the suburbs during […]

News updates

Some news updates: I finally finished furnishing one room. It’s not the living room (from which I still haven’t started emptying furniture, alas) but rather my office/library/music-room/spare-room. It was the room that wasn’t unpacked for months after I moved in, and it’s now all nice and pretty. It still needs a rug. But it did […]

I feel so… retro.

So after a bit of work tracking down parts and figuring out what software to chain, I’ve got a working setup for transferring my vinyl to CD and MP3. This MP3 was the first success. (Simon and Garfunkel happened to be the first record I pulled out of the box.) I still need to take […]