Monthly Archives December 2002

Camera rasa

I am so tired of all my furniture. I mean all. It’s all stuff I got from my parents when I moved into my first non-furnished apartment — parents who have gone through multiple marriage/live-alone/marriage stages generate extra furniture — but it’s all pretty ratty at this point, and it’s certainly not interesting. A 20-year-old […]

Obligatory Christmas loot post

Since everyone else is doing it, I figure I might as well post what I got for Christmas. GNARR GAMECUBE YAAAAY I’m so spoiled. (Not complaining.) My father, from whom I got teh ‘cube, noted that he enjoyed buying me toys again, though :-) SMS: 15 shines so far, I have serious catching up to […]

Yay, all my Christmas wrapping is done. Had a minor scare when I found that a store had given me exactly what I wanted to avoid — no mischarge or anything, just said “Find me something that isn’t $ATTR” and they gave me something that was $ATTR. I noticed this when I was about to […]

Yay, I finished my christmas shopping! This is way early for me. I’m usually starting about now, and finishing about noon on the 24th, and by “usually” I mean “every year before this one”, so I’m feeling particularly proud of myself. And while not everything I found made me go “Yay, this is PERFECT!”, I […]


In my previous entry — the one about discovering good music again — I alluded to an entry I never got around to making because I didn’t think I could explain it. I still don’t think I can, but it was and still is a really big thing, so I’ll do what I can to […]

In the last few months, I’ve rediscovered music. I realize that might not be particularly meaningful, but I’m not sure I quite understand what changed. I’m buying a lot more CDs now than I ever did, I’m up on current and past bands, I’m reading Spin, and I’m enjoying a lot more current music than […]

I shall name my band Rhymes Without Orange. Thank you. That is all.