Monthly Archives April 2002

How to Lie with Statistics

I really try to avoid complaining about work here, because I’ve got a job I love working with interesting and qualified people and an interesting product, and there’s little that’s worth complaining about. But today’s story is just surreal enough to share. So our project manager stops me and asks me to pull statistics out […]

Writing Hebrew

I can’t find any of my Jewish friends on IRC. Is gimel, zayin, yud and kerned reasonably well, or is it just plain incorrect and/or an obvious demonstration that I don’t know what I’m doing?

In Libris

Innocent me, wandering into Chapters to get this week’s Economist. You’d think I’d have learned by now — I left with a rather full bag and a much lighter wallet. Wankel mentioned on IRC that he does that all the time, going in for one thing and then spying the bargain tables. I wish I […]


Everyone’s a critic. <mendel> Hrm, I feel a LJ post brewing. <cstone> oy <mendel> oy? <cstone> sorry, let me rephrase <cstone> Current Mood: Oy :/


Grmph. It’s been long hours at work, having moved from our downtown office to the Mitel headquarters in Kanata, so I don’t have the energy for a real entry. Soon. I have had the energy to finally organize my photos. The instant-viewing wonders of digital photography are lost when one takes seven months to getting […]