Monthly Archives September 2001

Apartment! [ <a href="">#778</a> ]

Whee! I have a new place. All that stuff people were saying about Ottawa’s rough rental market and low vacancy rate must have applied to a different Ottawa, as it took me precisely one day and three apartment visits to find two places that were acceptable, and I took one of them. I find out […]

Apartment hunting [ <a href="">#747</a> ]

Whoever thought that one could hunt for apartments over the Internet was wrong. You can kind of get an idea of what might, possibly, have been available sometime in the last year or two, but if I see another “Last updated June 1998″, I’m going to scream. (Yaaaaaagh.) But I realized something. My current place […]

Auntie Em! [ <a href="">#737</a> ]

HTML needs an em dash. What sort of neen would leave out the em dash? [Reposted in November 2003 from my short-lived journal on Use Perl.]

Logical Moving [ <a href="">#736</a> ]

So, as is quickly becoming common knowledge — but not so common that I don’t have an urge to write a Me FAQ — I’m leaving Concordia where I’ve been working for, well, forever, or four years, whichever comes first. This shocks people, but that’s probably because as far as they know I’ve always been […]

Hmm. [ <a href="">#735</a> ]

Journal. Hrmm. Hrm hrm hrm. Hrml hrm hrm. Useful? Who knows. Better than a Me FAQ? Probably. Will I actually write in it? Beats me. [Reposted in November 2003 from my short-lived journal on Use Perl.]